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If you would like to place a purchase order, please contact us directly to get on the waitlist! If you need something quickly, select items are available to borrow under the Cubelets Cycle program.

Pack Details.

Supports six student-groups.
Great for a classroom.
Eight Cubelets per student-group.
8 of 16 Cubelet types.

Pack Details.

Supports four student-groups.
Covers a classroom.
12 Cubelets per student-group.
11 of 16 Cubelet types.

Pack Details.

Supports six student-groups.
Perfect for a classroom.
12 Cubelets per student-group.
11 of 16 Cubelet types.

Pack Details.

Supports up to 6–12 student-groups.
Perfect for classrooms & makerspaces.
Up to 26 Cubelets per student-group.
16 of 16 Cubelet types.

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Cubelets are tough. But just in case you need it we're here.

Educator sets for learning stations and one-to-one resources.

Set Details.

Five Cubelets per set.
5 of 16 Cubelet types.

Set Details.

Nine Cubelets per set.
7 of 16 Cubelet types.

Set Details.

10 Cubelets per set.
8 of 16 Cubelet types.

Pack Details.

19 Cubelets per pack.
16 of 16 Cubelet types.

Essential classroom support that makes life easier.

Cubelets Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development

Price varies - see details.

Grow your library and introduce new ways of building.

Extra parts for success.

Cubelets Container - Cherry red color

Container – Cherry

26.95 – short container

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Cubelets Resources.

Everything you need to teach with Cubelets robot blocks.

Explore a huge collection of K-12 lessons, activities, guides, training, and more.

New to Cubelets?

Learn everything you need to know to start creating more with Cubelets robot blocks in this handy Getting Started Guide.

Go further with Cubelets apps.

Go beyond the building blocks and play with the code inside. Cubelets apps make it easy to create even more with your Cubelets.

Looking for some inspiration?

There are millions of robots you can create with Cubelets. Check out these robots to help inspire your inventions.

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Cubelets robot blocks are used by educators all around the world to help students explore computational thinking, coding, and STEM. 

Cubelets 1:1 set.
Go 1-to-1 with Cubelets.

Cubelets 1:1 is a specially designed pack that supports one-to-one learning environments. It's great for covering a whole class or just a few students!

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At Home.

Bring home the educational teaching tool loved by teachers everywhere. Explore sets designed for learning through play.

Cubelets Curiosity Set - box and robot blocks
Create with Curiosity.

Get a pile of everyone's favorite robot blocks. Cubelets Curiosity Set is the perfect way to start exploring robotics and coding.

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